Kyosho 1 18 Morgan 4 4 Sport 2008 Ivory White おもちゃ 模型 ラジコン フィギュア-その他

メーカー名: Kyosho
The Morgan 4/4 model is the first ever four-wheel vehicle produced by Morgan Motor Company. Its 4/4 name stood for its four cylinders and number of wheels. The Morgan 4/4 started production in 1936 and continuous to be in production. The 2008 model is a tribute to the first Morgan model ever made.The Kyosho 1/18 Morgan 4/4 Sport 2008 Ivory White highlights the design of a 2008 Morgan 4/4 Sport model. It comes with an ivory white color and a detailed exterior design. This diecast model's interior also exudes amazing craftsmanship to ensure similarity with the Morgan 4/4 model.
Primary Category: Morgan
Scale: 1/18
Car Brand: Morgan
Year: 2008
Diecast Manufacturer: Kyosho
Color: White